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My Blossom Kitchen

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Asian Restaurant | Geelong

Welcome to My Blossom Kitchen, your Asian restaurant in Geelong East!

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About My Blossom Kitchen

My Blossom Kitchen was established to bring that unique Asian taste and flavour to your plate

Our chef and staff are well-versed in Chinese cuisine and tradition and work together to create a memorable dining experience with authentic Asian cuisine.

With our clean and fresh approach to cooking, we'll keep you coming back for more! We offer innovative and inspired Chinese cuisine that will delight your taste buds by combining different Asian recipes and flavours.
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Experiencing authentic Asian cuisine


Asian restaurant Geelong East Geelong  South Geelong

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Asian Cuisine

If you are looking for an excellent Asian restaurant in Geelong, drop by My Blossom Kitchen! We never fail to stun our guests with our delicious Chinese delicacies.

Our family-owned restaurant offers a great variety of gastronomy from many Asian countries including China, Hong Kong and Malaysia. Taste our exquisite dishes for:

  • Lunch
  • Dinner 
  • Takeaway
  • Through our professional catering service

Our chefs pledge to bring the authentic taste of Asia to your plate. 

Great variety of Asian gastronomy


Asian restaurant Geelong East Geelong  South Geelong

Why Choose Us?

Our Team

We have a dedicated team focused on bringing you the best of Asian cuisine

A Taste of Asia

Our restaurant serves only the best of Asian cuisine

Reliable Service

Our staff will leave no stone unturned to give you the best service


We serve the most divine and delicious Asian food in town.

My Blossom Kitchen

35 Malop Street

3220 Geelong


(03) 5223 1364

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